Milwaukee PBS’s commitment to use media for the public good has earned it the respect of the American people.  In fact, for 11 consecutive years, a national survey has confirmed that PBS is the country’s most trusted public institution!  More trusted than Courts of Law, more trusted than Commercial Broadcast TV, more trusted than Newspaper Publishers, more trusted than, well, any other public institution!

How great would it be, to be aligned with an organization with such a great reputation?

Through sponsorship of Milwaukee PBS’s largest event – the Milwaukee PBS Great TV Auction – your company can share in this high regard!  Our viewers will see that you support Milwaukee PBS – just like they do!

The Milwaukee PBS Great TV Auction is a unique media property in Southeastern Wisconsin. It has an amazing fan base of high-affinity viewers who demonstrate strong loyalty not only to public television, but also to the sponsors and partners  who support it.  The Auction has strong viewer ship – up to 20,000 households in the region are tuned in at any given time during the nine-day broadcast.  Audience composition is desirable: 85% of viewers are between the ages of 21 and 54, with higher than average household incomes.  The public television viewer base is made up of people from many walks of life – and skews toward decision makers.

Auction sponsorship provides an effective, unique way to billboard the sponsoring company to the community of Southeastern Wisconsin.  Of course, our goal is to raise money to support local public television, but we also seek to provide sponsors with maximum promotional value for their investment.  And, we are in the unique position to offer on-air promotion in exchange for your support!

Considering sponsorship of the 2017 Great TV Auction?  There are many levels ranging from $850 to $9,000:

Sponsorship  at a Glance
Sponsorship – All Levels
Commissary Sponsorship
Milwaukee PBS – Trust
Contact: or call 414-297-7036