To bid on an item you’ve seen on The Great TV Auction,
please call (262) 781-5226 while the Auction is LIVE.

Proxy bids can be called into (414) 297-7036 starting on March 14th.

Remember to bid early! The Great TV Auction is a timed auction. Minimum bids start at $10 for general board items, for items on a Super Board or a Daily Board (usually items valued over $500) the opening bid starts at $100.

When calling, note the item numbers and titles of the items you would like to bid on. A volunteer on the phone bank will take your call and ask for each item number and what you would like to bid and your phone number.

The first time you bid on an item, you will also be asked for your phone number, name and address. After your initial bid, you will be registered and will only have to give your telephone number to bid on future items.

If you are the winning bidder of an item, you should receive a confirmation call within 24 hours of the item closing. After you receive that confirming call, you are welcome to come down to Pick Up & Pay to claim your item.

If you win an item presented as a “Steal” you will not receive a confirmation call. If the volunteer on the phone bank takes your information for a “Steal”, you automatically win that item and are welcome to come down to Pick Up & Pay to claim it. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Please note, the volunteers on the phone bank do not know who is the high bidder on an item or who won a specific item when the board closes. The only way to for sure know if you won something is to wait for the confirming call. Once you receive that call please come in to Pick Up & Pay to claim your item.

We can also ship your items to you. Certificates can be mailed at $1.00 per certificate. Merchandise is shipped via USPS or UPS with the cost being based on the weight and size of the item being shipped.

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